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[mp_span col=”12″] [mp_accordion mp_style_classes=”motopress-accordion-light”] [mp_accordion_item title=”How is it possible to do the BPO report remotely without having any knowledge about the local market?” active=”true”]

Before we start our research, we search the Subject property address on the Google® or Bing® maps to understand the probable location influence (i.e., railway tracks, power lines, commercial activity, water bodies, schools, views etc.) on the subject property. And we also consider the online neighborhood statistics websites like Zillow® to understand the current market forces for the zip code. We will also use the market summary from the respective MLS sites; this gives us a fair understanding of the market at large. We also expect inputs from our Clients in special circumstances.



[mp_accordion_item title=”How you people got trained in valuation of the property?” active=”false”]

Founders of our Firm are working in this domain for a decade now and we all inherit their experience and knowledge. Our founders have seen the ups and downs of this industry from a close distance and they can foresee its future. We have the knowledge of how the Mortgage Servicing industry works and how the BPOs are done, why/when and to whom it’s needed. Also, we keep getting constant feedbacks from our Clients, requests from BPO Companies for revisions. We make use of all of this information to improve our understanding about the inputs required to complete a good property valuation. Some of our Clients have more than 25 years experience in this industry who have started when BPOs were done on a paper written by hand.



[mp_accordion_item title=”Are you open on Sundays or holidays?” active=”false”]

We work on all days throughout the year. On Sundays and holidays we will have a thin line of staff to take care of any urgent requirements. We focus on only those orders that are needed for that particular day. We will plan our resources on these days based on the workflow to make sure everything is delivered on time. Emails and Messages received on Sunday or a holiday may be answered the next business day, if not there is any urgent necessity.



[mp_accordion_item title=”What are your work timings?” active=”false”]

We start our day by 10.30 PM EST and we close our office by 3.30 PM EST. You can email us or call us to the below number if you need any kind of urgent assistance.



[mp_accordion mp_style_classes=”motopress-accordion-light”] [mp_accordion_item title=”What is your Turn-around time (TAT)?” active=”false”]

Our Turn-around time is 12 to 16 hours for all the orders; it may be maximum 24 hours during high volumes.



[mp_accordion_item title=”I am already using the Automated Data entry tool and how do you think you will be more beneficial to me?” active=”false”]

No data entry tool has a 100% self driven process, you need experienced agents to make decisions and do the tweaks and comments when necessary. We have the required expertise to take care of all that. And, you need not have to spend your valuable time to get your Software to complete each of your BPOs.



[mp_accordion mp_style_classes=”motopress-accordion-light”] [mp_accordion_item title=”Can you provide any references?” active=”false”]

Yes, if you need references we can provide them after getting the required permission from our Clients. Our Clients love to share their experiences with us; some of them prefer to maintain confidential relationship with us.



[mp_accordion_item title=”Why should I choose ABVIN BPO?” active=”false”]

The team is well qualified and experienced, driven to perfection by its management. All of our agents have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree. They provide reliable service in a timely fashion; we understand the importance of timing in this industry.



[mp_accordion_item title=”Do you photograph the subject property? What if I do not want to do it myself?” active=”false”]

No, since we are based in India, we expect our Clients to arrange for the inspection of the subject property and provide us timely inputs about the condition of the property; there by ensuring that the property condition is reflected on the BPO values. Once you send the photographs to us, we can upload them for you. If you do not prefer taking photographs, we can refer some good photo service companies; or we may help you find agents to work under you to get photos in your area.



[mp_accordion_item title=”Are you familiar with REO/Interior/Rentals/FNMA/Chase reports?” active=”false”]

Yes, we have a very good understanding about the working of the property valuations industry. We keep in mind the instructions given by the Servicer and their Respective Bank/Investor while doing each of your reports.

[/mp_accordion_item] [mp_accordion_item title=”Why would you need my login information?” active=”false”]

This information is very crucial for us to research the subject property information and comparables for the property in question; from a reliable source which is acceptable by the Banks. For additional information we even use online sources like respective county assessor website and many other listing aggregators like Zillow® .



[mp_accordion_item title=”How can I give you the access to my login information? Is it safe?” active=”false”]

We are a Firm registered under the Indian Registrar of Companies Act. We can sign Non-Disclosure agreements (NDA) with you. We make sure that all our employees sign the NDAs when they join us. And, we store this information on secured servers in encrypted format, which is accessible to our employees only after they sign into the server with their credentials. No information can be copied or printed by anyone from our side or a 3rd Party. This will ensure the safety and we undertake not to use your credentials for any other purpose.



[mp_accordion_item title=”How do I get started?” active=”false”]

It is very easy just send us an email and give us your requirements, we are ready to serve you right then. Our first two BPOs will be of no charge; this will help you understand that all our claims on this website are true. To Place an order we just need the Subject property address, MLS credentials, Credentials for the BPO Platform and Subject photographs if we need to upload them. And prior BPOs if any that you may have completed in the past for the Subject property.



[mp_accordion_item title=”What are the benefits of working with an outsourcing company like ABVIN BPO?” active=”false”]

Never worry about meeting your BPO deadlinesNo more spending your life in front of the computerFocus on getting more BPO volume by frequent follow-ups and improved scoresFocus on selling your properties and earn more commissionNo need to incur any costs for maintaining your own employeesDrastically reduce and eliminate office infrastructure costsConvenient weekly/bi-weekly/monthly invoicing as agreed upon



[mp_accordion_item title=”How do you handle IP address conflicts for BPO and MLS websites?” active=”false”]
We are aware of the requirements from many BPO and MLS websites where they are tracking IP addresses to make sure the site was accessed from USA.  After extensive research on this subject we have started using a VPN service to overcome this issue, this service will help us to login from the region where you are located by hiding our IP address.   This service has over 1000 servers across USA, it will ensure that we are meeting their compliance requirements without risking your BPO accounts. We are using this service for all BPO and MLS website.
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