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We are specialized in Operations Management for the Real Estate professionals.


We provide end to end services to complete a BPO – viz., Vendor registration, order acceptance, photo assignments, comparable research, subject data and transaction history analysis, rental values, BPO and inspections form fulfillment, quality review and final submission.


We have the expertise to handle volumes of data on spreadsheets – data scrubbing, template creation, financial modeling, pivot summary, charts and trend analysis. This service will come in handy for real estate Investors and lead generators.


We can manage any type of back end processes for your Company, you name your requirements and we are ready to learn and come up with a refined process map to speed up your business. We also help our customers to run their social media marketing campaigns.


We do web research for customers to help them build a contacts list, to find potential clients online, data scraping and title due diligence for investment analysis. The list does not end here, the scope of this service is vast, we just follow the instructions.

Tips and Ideas to help you get the most out of your Real Estate BPO business.

Serving Real Estate Professionals is our Profession

Our goal at AbVin is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization.

About Us

AbVin Ventures LLP., a legally established firm, registered under Indian Companies Act operational since 2010 from Bangalore. We are offering a wide range of services for the Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals of United States.

We have 14 years experience in this stream of business. We are specialized in doing Broker Price Opinion form filling, Property Inspection reports and Comparable research. Having worked in a prominent Loan-Servicing company in various roles; and leading a Property Valuations team responsible for BPO Ordering, Billing and BPO quality reviews for many of the leading banks. We bring the right kind of attitude, expertise and process skills required. We understand the needs of our customers and Loan Servicing companies.

We are a team of 50 associates who have a good knowledge of US Real Estate and Mortgage Services. We can assure you the quality of the results delivered. We are very flexible to our Clients’ demand.






We believe that Client is our Guru, we pick hints from their words and act proactively to keep them happy.

I am so thankful that I found Abvin Ventures to assist in my BPO work. I was getting an increase in volume but just couldn’t handle the work load. I was getting up at 3 AM everyday to get as much done before heading out the door to take the pictures then back to the computer as soon as I got home. I was missing so much time with my family and was getting overwhelmed. I was trying to train a few people to help with basic data entry but they just didn’t get the work and by the time I trained them it got me further behind. I finally decided to reach out for assistance. I asked a several trick questions and knew once he responded he was qualified and had experience. I sent them several orders one night because I was just exhausted and gave up. I said here you go do these and we will see how it goes. I woke up that morning and just stared at my computer and wanted to cry. They were all done and to my standards. OMG!!! I have my life back. I’ve sent everything to them and any time I wanted to change edit or any corrections needed to suit my need they did immediately.
Broker, AL
I am a real estate agent working in Virginia, USA. 6 years ago I needed help with my work load and hired AbVin team to do data research and entry. They have been helping me since. Dealing with AbVin has been a great experience. I have been very satisfied with their great work ethic, speed of getting things done and their responsiveness. I spend a little time training this team on what needs to be done in my business and was very happy with how quick they learned everything and I could count on their intelligence to figure things out if it was not something they were not trained in. Overall experience of working with AbVin Ventures has been very positive and I am continuing working with them.
Realtor, VA
I have been working with Abvin Ventures for several years now and have always been pleased with their work and responsiveness. They meet timelines well and their work is quality. They have assisted myself and our company with our BPOs as well as several other duties. They are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We plan to continue to use their services for years to come and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Broker, OH
I have had a working relationship with AbVin for over 10 years and have been very impressed with their ability to adapt to my ever changing needs. What started out as simple data entry tasks has evolved into an array of numerous and multiple detailed jobs that are completed flawlessly and in a timely seamless manner. I plan on continuing to use their services and would highly recommend this team to anyone.
Realtor, FL
It has been a pleasure to work with AbVin Ventures. No matter what we have requested, AbVin team has risen to the occasion. Whether it is in fine tuning the process, making corrections or increasing the work load this team has always shown a willing and professional attitude in any request that we have made. I would highly recommend AbVin team as an asset to any organization that could use their expertise in the Real Estate Industry.
Broker, WA
I have worked with AbVin Ventures for almost five years now. I fully trust them and have confidence in their work. They are action takers and do what they say they will do. Always available for questions and assistance. I am very happy with their work and feel fortunate to have them in my team.
Broker, OR
I highly recommend AbVin and the work they do. They are very prompt and detailed in their work completed for us. They follow directions very easily and this is a must for our business.
Realtor, OR
I am very grateful for assistance and support provided by Abvin Ventures. They are always there for me as needed and return calls when requested. They are a great addition to my business and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level. We have greatly advanced our numbers after bringing them to our team and are looking grow further with them.
Realtor, CA

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