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We provide specialized services for the Mortgage Industry professionals in USA.  Following are some of our key focus areas with Broker Price Opinion being the primary line of our business.

Excellent Back Office Services

Broker Price Opinions
Web Research
Data Analytics
Process Management
HOA Collection Operations
Digital Marketing
Broker Price Opinions
A Broker Price Opinion (BPO) is a report which is prepared by a real estate agent or broker which details the probable selling price of a house or property. We follow the standards and guidelines contained in Broker Price Opinion Standards and Guidelines (BPOSG) in determining the probable selling price of residential properties. BPOSG is a set of quality control measures which adhere to the fundamentals, techniques, procedures, and best practices for real estate price evaluations.

We provide end to end services to complete a BPO. We have automated the form filling process which reduces the chances of data entry errors and ensures quick turn around.

  • Broker Price Opinion
  • Retro-Broker Price Opinion
  • Rental Addendum
  • Comparable Market Analysis
  • Research and Comparable Selection

We also help real estate professionals to fill out below products in bulk.

  • Property Inspection Reports
  • Property Preservation Reports
  • Property Listing Service – Various MLS service providers.
  • Listing Syndication Service – Postlets, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Twitter, z57, IDX, WebsiteBox etc.,

Get an idea of the process flow at AbVin here; we are showcasing the States that we are covering, Companies that we are serving and the MLS systems that we have been using.  Also there are few sample BPOs for you to look at.

Refer Resources section for more details.  Read our Blog for interesting topics related to BPOs.

Web Research

We do web research for our customers to help them to build a contacts list, to find potential clients online, data scraping and similar activities listed below for investment analysis etc.,

  • Title search
  • County tax data due diligence
  • Foreclosure monitoring
  • Investment due diligence
  • Court dockets search
  • Auction data download
  • HUD data download

The list does not end here, the scope of this service is vast, we just follow the instructions from our Clients.

Data Analytics

We have the expertise to handle volumes of data on spreadsheets. This service will come in handy for real estate Investors and lead generators.

  • Data scrubbing
  • Template creation
  • Financial modeling
  • Pivot summary
  • Trend analysis
  • Auction data analysis
  • HUD data trend analysis
  • Data charts and dashboards
Process Management

We can manage any type of back end process for your Company, you define your requirements and we are ready to learn and come up with a refined process map to speed up your business. We also help our customers to run their social media marketing campaigns.

  • Asset management function
  • Reporting assistance
  • Process dashboard
  • Email follow up with all your stake holders (clients, attorneys, vendors, contractors etc)
    HOA Collection Operations

    Assisting you with the collection process for the Homeowner and Condominium Associations. Here is the list of what we can do.

    Operational Assistance
    • Receive the delinquent account from you or the association and prepare account on boarding templates in the format prescribed by you so that the same can be uploaded to your internal software systems.
    • Verify with the County that the ownership and address information provided matches the County’s information.
    • Monitoring all bank actions and bank sales for each individual unit owner from official records websites.
    • Enter the Association’s entire account history as far back to a zero balance as possible.
    • Calculating late fees and interest incurred and any other charges that may be needed by the Association, including any setup costs before sending demand letters.
    • Preparing of Demand Letters, Lien Letters, Intent to Foreclosure any other required letters through mail merge.
    • Verifying accurate account balances using association ledgers.
    • Monthly status reports in the formats prescribed by you.
    • Help your accountant update the books of accounts for each unit owner.
    • Help your attorneys to do the time consuming e-filing process, where in the given documents will be uploaded to e-filing services like simplifile.com 

    Sales and Marketing Assistance

    • Online HOA contacts data search.
    • Cleaning the invoice data for the sales team which in turn can be used on their pricing strategy templates if any.
    • Assistance in building financial models and templates to meet your business needs on spreadsheets.
    • Marketing email campaigns, set up mailchimp and similar services and email templates.

    Digital Marketing

    How do you Benefit?

    Our goal at AbVin Ventures is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organisation.

    • You can save lots of time, Improve your turn around time.
    • Get more BPO volume by frequent follow-ups and improved scores.
    • Earn more commission by selling more properties.
    • Get some freedom.

    Very competitive Pricing Structure – Please contact us to know the detailed pricing structure for our services. We do not offer credit terms since the profit margins are very thin.

    Our Values

    We deliver solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.

    • Integrity is what we believe has the highest value.
    • Our goal is to provide flawless valuations.
    • We are very reliable, professional and always ready to help when there is a problem.
    • We have the ability to provide expert real estate services by using great wealth of information and focus.
    • We use online research and statistics to support our convictions.
    • We value timeliness, detail oriented, we take the responsibility for our mistakes.
    • We are clear on what is expected of us.  No surprises, just very professional work.
    • And we always feel there is some room for improvisation.  Nothing is ever perfect.